We are experts in Windows, Mac, Android

Other standard services include data back-up, wireless troubleshooting, training and computer set up.

Helping Homes and Businesses

Geek Team is the answer to solving all your technology support needs across Asia.

We offer a service that is second to none. With local qualified technicians, we have a variety of packages to suit both home and business users.

Headquartered in Singapore, Geek Team provides IT support at an affordable price, which is the first of its kind in Asia.

We love technology and a challenge.  Your headaches are Geek Team’s dream to solve.

There is a Geek coming to your neighbourhood near you! 

We take the heavy lifting out of any IT issues by bringing a help desk to your front door.

Whatever the cry for help – no request is too big or small. 

The Geek Team has seen, and solved, them all.

Meet the Geek Team

Introducing Faiz

about_faizHi! My name is Faiz. I was born in Singapore and studied Informatics.
My favourite technology is PC gaming parts and peripherals. Nothing like playing PC games, at HD resolution and maximum graphics settings!
I joined the  Geek Team as I was born to fix technichal problems.
If Martin Yan cooks, I fix IT stuff!

Introducing Reuben

about_reubenHi there! My name is Reuben. I was born in ‘Sunny’ Singapore – Sometimes too sunny! I studied at the University of Wollongong and my favourite technology is  technological egalitarian – I love devices of all types!

I joined the Geek Team because I enjoy helping others overcome their technical  issues and finding cool ways to solve problems.

Geek Team is looking forward to meeting you!