Whatever your Home IT needs
the Geek Team can help:

  • Desktop, laptop, smartphone & notebook set up
  • Install and update software
  • Configure wireless network
  • Organise iPhoto library
  • Install iTunes and setup with iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone)
  • Email and printer set up
  • Digital camera download

Detailed Services

  • Check system specs OS/CPU/RAM/Internet speed ensuring they meet industry standards
  • Ensure end user issues are itemised and addressed
  • Check Windows Event Logs for critical errors
  • Check for unneeded programs running in the background
  • Uninstall any problem/unneeded/outdated applications (w/ permission)
  • Update and configure frequently exploited applications (Adobe Acrobat, Flash player, Java)
  • Run a quick Malware scan. If infected, use other removal tools
  • Install Antivirus* (if needed) & properly configure (and run if needed)
  • Set scheduled maintenance including Windows Updates, Anti-virus, temp file removal and disk defragmentation
  • Check for and install Windows Updates to achieve current update level
  • Install and update most Microsoft and third party software*
  • Problem identification for many hardware and network issues
  • Install/troubleshoot printers and other peripheral devices (software/drivers only)
  • Troubleshoot/repair internet connection
  • Troubleshoot small workgroup networking
  • Setting up/configuring wireless router and wireless router encryption
  • Configure PC wireless networking (requires temporary wired connection)
  • Setting up workgroup file and print sharing
  • Basic Q&A on common web services; Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, etc.
  • Basic Q&A on Microsoft Operating Systems as well as Microsoft Office Suite
  • Install/configure/troubleshoot most email clients
  • Transferring photos from Digital Camera to PC
  • Install iTunes and setup with iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone)
  • MAC support (Intel CPU’s ONLY, no PowerPC support)
  • Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1 setup and support*
  • Smart Phone Support (remote control only available on supported devices)
  • Data migration and data transfer
  • New computer setup and configuration

Some of our projects have included:

  • Wireless networking – setting up and/or fixing to run at optimal speed and reach
  • Computer and device set up
  • Data recovery
  • Email set up
  • Troubleshooting – printers and other devices
  • Software installation and set up
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Data back-up, transfer and data storage solutions
  • Computer tune up
  • Parental control set up

Home onsite charges

  Office Hours After Hours
First hour charge $135.00 $175.00*
Home onsite hourly charge $95.00 $135.00*
Home onsite Sentosa $12.00 Travel fee (in addition to other charges)

Office hours: 9:30am – 6:00pm
*After hours: covers weekends, public holidays and non-office hours on weekdays

Geek Team Special Offer

PC Health Check

A computer’s performance tends to naturally degrade over time. That said, the occasional PC health check can help extend your computer’s lifespan and keep it running in optimum condition. As part of our offer we will;

All this for just 110.00