improve wi-fi connection

If your Wi-Fi network is impossible to connect to or give you trouble on occasion, there are several different things you can do to improve it. One of the major problems is where the router has been placed. If it is in with the server, you are in all kinds of trouble. Here are places that you can place it for improved services:

1.Consider placing your Wi-Fi in the center of the space where it will be used. This way it will be able to broadcast equally in all directions. If it is not used in the office but only in conference rooms and the like, then move it closer to the areas where it is used.

2.If you have your router behind a door that you keep closed, you want to take it out. If you do so, you are crippling its strength and you will experience trouble.

3.Lift it up high. This works because most routers send out their signal at an angle that faces downward. Where possible, place it in such a way that it is attached to your ceiling. This way you take advantage of the downward angle of the signal and it is above most of the things that would otherwise absorb or block its signal.

4.Keep your router away from electronics that have wiring or an internal motor. It is true that computers, printers, lights and TVs will interfere with the signal strength of your router.

5.Adjust the antennas of your router. It is important to have your router antenna parallel to that of your device. Phones have a vertical antenna so be sure to have one of the antennas standing upright. Laptops on the other hand have horizontal antennas. Consider having the second antenna positioned horizontally.

6.Be sure to first identify a wireless channel with less congestion and then use it. To check for channels that are available, consider using Wi-Fi Stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer.

7.Encryption and password protection for your router. This will ensure that you don’t have unauthorized users who will use your bandwidth to stream videos or music, thus slowing you down.

8.Properly set up the guest network. Many times it is the people who’ve had access in the past who access your network illegally. Be sure to adjust guest network settings and then also set up router priority.

9.Content prioritization. Make sure to use Quality of Service to prioritize necessary content over the unnecessary stuff.

10.Find the gaps in your Wi-Fi network by testing it. Your router may not necessarily b
e the problem.wi-fi router

11.If nothing else works, consider extending your current Wi-Fi network.

12.You may also want to consider upgrading your router if what you have is an old model.

After trying all these tips to improve your connection, you still do not achieve any results or not the ones that you were looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our team to get some professional help!